What is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone such as Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Slate etc. The key difference between Travertine and other natural stones lies in the formation of the rock, the hardness of the stone and the appearance. Travertine is formed in hot springs and/or limestone caves. It is often incorrectly labeled marble, which is a different type of limestone.

Travertine results from hot spring water percolating up through underground limestone. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind layers of dissolved limestone and other minerals, giving it its banded appearance. The characteristic holes in travertine are the result of trapped gas bubbles (carbon dioxide); as the gas escapes, crystals form in the cavities. Travertine is generally light-colored beiges and tans, though there are some beautiful, colored Travertine that have resulted from other minerals dissolved by hot water underground .The stone surface can be left in its natural state with the small holes and pits unfilled .This aged look acquires a beautiful patina over time. Leaving the stone unfilled affects the durability.


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